Built on Blockchain

BLOCK 30 Labs will be working with global partners to help them tokenize physical assets on the blockchain. This can provide efficiencies for ease of group ownership, liquidity events, immutable record-keeping and goods verification.

Block 30 Marketplace

  • Buy, Sell + List on The Blockchain
  • Immutable Record of Ownership
  • ID Verification + Authenticity

Origin Assurance ™

  • Tracked + Verified on Blockchain
  • Establish Provenance + Ownership Chains
  • Fractionalize Ownership of Investments + Assets

Global Partners

  • Blockchain = Digital Tokenization of Physical Assets
  • ID / Verified Goods, Fractional Ownership + Chain Of Custody
  • Ex: Land, Ranch, Home, Auto, Boating, Tickets, Art, etc.
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